Slope Stabilisation Using Electrokinetic Processes

For failing slopes in all sectors the traditional choice of repair methods of soil nailing, installation of horizontal drainage, installation of structural support and reducing the steepness of the slope can be constrained by cost.  Additionally the acquisition of additional land, lane or line closures on the highway and rail networks and site conditions can cause further operational difficulties.

As an alternative to traditional methods electrokinetic techniques, can be used. The technique is based upon the electro-osmotic flow of porewater when an electric gradient is passed from anodes to cathodes.  By passing the current between the electrodes this has the effect of:


Geotechnical Engineering Ltd has developed a slope climbing P45K rig to install the anodes and cathodes on a predetermined grid specified.  The rig can quickly and efficiently install the electrodes at angles into the failing slope in accordance with a site specific custom-designed grid layout.















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