Technical Services

We carry out a range of tests in accordance with BS1377 including plate bearing tests, in situ CBRs, sand replacement density testing, and thermal and electrical resistivity measurements.  We also offer TRRL DCP (dynamic cone penetrometer) testing.

Our fully qualified team of technicians provide an instrumentation monitoring service from routine groundwater and gas monitoring and sampling, to more complex data capture and logging of field instrumentation such as inclinometer and vibrating wire piezometer installations.

In addition, our technicians are trained in:

  • CSCS
  • HSG47 - Cable Avoidance
  • First Aid
  • PTS - Personal Track Safety
  • DCCR - DC Conductor Rail
  • SPA - Safety Passport Alliance (petrol retail)
  • National Grid Person (substations)
  • BESC - Basic Electrical Safety Competence (substations)
  • IOSH - Safe Supervision of Geotechnical Sites
  • IWA - Individual Working Alone on railways


Our field monitoring equipment is regularly calibrated. Calibration certificates can be provided on request.

Please contact us for more information on how our experience and capability can help you.











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